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Sire ::  Kids Classic Style
Dam  ::  Miss Bunny Tardee

I intend to keep you up to date regarding new information and pictures of Classically.   This will include copies of his ads, news about what is going on with him at Ellis Quarter Horses and anything else that I can think of that would interest you.  

Please click on the link below to see some of the gorgeous foals sired by Fred .

December 31, 2015

Lesley Johnson sent me this gorgeous pictures of Fred.

January ad for Classically.  Guess I chose the right picture for this one as it depicts the cold, snowy weather we are having.

December 27, 2015

The horses are what kept me upbeat during all my surgeries this last year. This filly in particular is special to me. She is the result of breeding Fred (Classically) to Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool). She is a half brother, sister cross with the dominant parent being Miss Bunny Tardee who was by Tardee Impressive. Since both of her parents are NN, she is also NN. As you all know, Miss Bunny Tardee was the foundation of my program and I enjoy just watching this filly mature, knowing she is genetically so close to my favorite mare. No fitting for this girl as she will never see the show ring------I intend to keep her and eventually use her for a broodmare.

December 26, 2015

Guess what I got for Christmas----not a horse. Mike and I put new LED lights in the barn. We bought retrofit kits from Oion Iighting and put them in the old florescent fixtures. With Dickie Kaufmann in charge, and with the help of Leah Gloudemans and Bob Luebker, it did not take that long to install them. We are also going to replace the back barn with them. Dickie told me they would pay for themselves in a few months. It has sure made a difference in how bright it is--------------in fact, I have been telling people that it is like being at Walmart.

December 25, 2015

Christmas, 2015. As I sit here alone in my barn office looking out at the light covering of snow and the horses eating, I reflect back on my life at Christmas time. What wonderful memories I have. I think I was born with a love of horses, probably inherited from my grandfather who was a blacksmith. I remember every year wanting a pony for Christmas. Every Christmas I wrote many letters to “Billy the Brownie” asking for a horse. Then, when I was 7 years old, on Christmas morning, my dream came true. We lived in New London, Wisconsin and even though we lived on a city street, we had an old barn on the property. My father had torn down the original house when he built our house but had left the barn and in those days, you could have animals in town. On Christmas eve, my uncle and father put “Ginger” in the barn and that night there was almost a disaster. They thought it may be too cold so they put a heater in the barn to keep her warm. Well, thankfully they were there or the barn and pony would have burned down. I can still remember opening the barn door and there in a “home made pen” stood the most beautiful Shetland pony in the world (in my eyes anyway) Everything I always wanted had come true. Back then, in a small town, things were sure different than they are now. My dad would call the taxi and we would take Ginger in the back seat of it. We often walked to to my grandparents home and took her in the front door where grandma would feed her cookies. My father was a doctor so we even took her in the hospital which was run by nuns. I can remember taking her down the long hallway and through the doors to the kitchen and Sister Jean would feed her treats. Then we would take up in the elevator to the second floor to visit people. I am sure you younger people have never experienced anything like that. Times have changed but my love of horses has never ended. I probably should sell some of them but knowing how I take care of them, the thought of them getting passed around and not being treated the way they are used to makes me “hoard” them. They have become more than a business, they are “family” I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to your friendship in 2016. Believe me, I was thrilled the day I got Ginger even though this picture doesn’t show it. After all, who wants to stop playing with her new pony and pose for a picture?

Mike,  Fred and I all got wonderful Christmas presents.

November 26, 2015

The highlight of Fred's football career so far!

October 21, 2015

Leah gave Fred (Classically) a bath this morning and guess what-------he rolled in the first mud puddle he found when she put him outside.

September 16, 2015

Look what Fred (Classically) has------------a football with Terry Bradshaw's signature on it. He has been playing with it all morning. Maybe there is hope for him yet to make the team.


September 14, 2015

Wilma----5 month old NN filly by Classically (Fred) out of You Bet Im Cool (Rebecca). 

Classy is ready to come in the barn for the night. She is by Fred (Classically) and out of Time To Play Girl by Time to Touch. She is owned by Big Daddy Quarter Horses under the supervision of Joe St. Clair.

September 13, 2015

Getting ready for the kick off of the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears game today Fred (Classically) has still not been called up to play but he is wearing his Packer halter that Vicki Livasy sent him. He is trying to get in shape. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the ball he is practicing with is a Viking purple ball. . Go Pack!!!

September 5, 2015

Dennis and Sue Drephal of Wisconsin sent me this picture of their baby filly by Fred (Classically) out of a daughter of Ima Cool Skip. I would say she is pretty fancy. She is on a balanced diet and turned out for a bit during the day. I guess we could take a lesson from them and not push our babies.

Kaye and Bobby Rollins from Texas sent this picture of Bruno, their colt by Classically (Fred) out of a daughter of Sierra Showtime. I love him and think he is going to make them a great show horse. I hate to see them geld him but then with his size and mass, they will have so much fun showing him next year.

August 22, 2015

Beautiful day today. Jean and Steve Crouch came over to visit from Minnesota. Fred (Classically) was his usual "ham" and played with his rope. Looking at him, I think he is too fat and I don't think twirling a rope is getting him in shape for football. He may not even get a job if he doesn't start shaping up. Jil Hinds is sending him some Muscle and Muscle Max to try to get him in shape or the Packers won't even want him. If worse comes to worse, I guess he can be a cheerleader.

August 8, 2015

Fred got a bath for his visitors and of course, I had to clean him up again the next morning. I think he thinks it is Packer season as his mane was green and his body gold. Notice that he is getting his winter hair (don't get too excited you people with hot weather) and he no longer has his beautiful gold color. His new color is lighter with dapples.

When I turned on my computer this morning, I was surprised with this absolutely gorgeous picture that Katie Corboy sent me of Fred (Classically) Katie is from Australia and I have always admired her photography and graphics. Facebook has given me a wonderful opportunity to meet some great people and wouldn't it be exciting to actually see them in person? I don't know if I will ever make it to Australia but I sure would enjoy it. Perhaps some of my "Aussie" friends should come and visit me instead.

August 3, 2015

Fred got a new toy today----a red and white rope to play with. I guess he is getting in shape for football season. And Joe says I spoil him----look who is giving him the rope.

Fred had some visitors today. Bill and Carol Stanforth came all the way from Ohio to visit and see the horses. Bill has been a wonderful customer and his mare "Rose" is expecting her "Fred foal" next February. It is so nice to put a face to the phone calls and emails. They couldn't have picked a better day as our weather if beautiful. From they are going to Green Bay to see the Packer Stadium and then up to Door County for a bit of sightseeing. Joe, Leah and I really enjoyed spending time with them. Fred even got a new rope to play with.

July 24, 2015

Fred doing what he loves best----eating.

July 14, 2015

Fred had visitors today. Mary Manicini and Vicki Benker came to visit and see the horses. Vicki is from Florida and Mary is from Lake Geneva. When I showed at the Breeders Halter Futurity in Iowa 2 years ago, Mary named our group "the village" and I had a lot of friends there to help me get ready. Last Thursday, Vicki came to visit me and we took our annual "ride" around Lake Winnebago and then she went to spend a few days with Mary. She really isn't into riding in a car so I was surprised to hear they were coming back today. I told them that Wilma (Rebecca and Fred's filly) just wouldn't fit in the vehicle unless they left Vicki here. We had a great time and they headed back to Lake Geneva. Fred loves it when people come to visit and give him treats.

Perhaps Fred knew he was getting new shoes today so that is why he was resting. Joe is holding him while my wonderful, talented farrier, Scott Bruecker is doing his feet.

I was cleaning in the stall next to Fred this morning and I heard some weird sounds coming out of Fred. He evidently was dreaming and who knows what he was thinking about----perhaps girls? perhaps green grass? I am thinking it was running wild as he was moving his legs. Well, I thought it was hilarious and grabbed my camera. By the time I got there, he decided to sit up so Joe climbed aboard and I snapped a picture.

June 27, 2015

Guess who got his teeth floated today-----none other than Fred.  It has been a long time since Dr Matt Koltz was here and he came today to float some teeth. I knew Matt a long time ago, starting when he helped Dr Henry and then when Dr Henry moved, Matt handled the stallions Nanning 274 (Friesian) and Zips Heaven Sent (APHA) when Dr Fox collected them here. Matt went to vet school and now is a veterinarian and he loves working with horses. I am looking forward to him coming back soon and doing some more teeth. I guess over the years I have neglected my horses teeth as Fred had not been done since he was a yearling and who knows how long it has been for Rebecca. I suppose they will eat better now and get even fatter but they should be more comfortable. It will be interested to see how this affects his "ball handling" and maybe the Green Bay Packers will put him on the team this year.

June 25, 2015

As breeding season comes to an end, I want to thank everyone who bred to Fred (Classically) and had faith in a horse that has no show record. I truly believe he will be a sire but that is yet to be seen. I am more than pleased with his first foal crop. You never know what a stallion will pass on to his get. I believe so strongly in his pedigree, especially in his dam, Miss Bunny Tardee. She never failed me on throwing a gorgeous back, muscle, and heart girth on her foals. I took a deep breath when I bred Fred to Rebecca as they are not only both NN, but they are half brother and sister. You never know what traits are going to come out when you breed that close. I love Wilma, the result of that mating. I guess time will tell what kind of a producer Fred is. I questioned taking on the "job" of standing a stallion. Because at my age, I should be "retired" but I really enjoyed it . I had wonderful help and met some fantastic people who bred to him. He is now spending his days out in the pasture next to a filly. I had Joe hold him the other day so I could take a new profile picture of him. I think he has matured even more this year and his neck has stayed great. He is starting to lose his gorgeous golden color from being out in the sun, but he is happy. Thanks again to all of my friends for all the support you have given me this year.


June 24, 2015

I decided that I was neglecting posting pictures of my other Fred (Classically) filly but we weaned her 2 weeks ago today. Joe St Clair has started exercising her. This is her second time behind the golf cart. The reason is that the Fred babies are so lazy and we don't want her to get a pot belly after weaning. She is out of Time To Play Girl. After her short work-out she spends the rest of the day outside next to her dad, Fred. He loves baby horses.

June 23, 2015

You are probably getting tired of me posting pictures of Wilma, NN filly by Fred (Classically) out of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) but this morning I thought I really got a good one. Too bad the lighting was not right to see the muscle definition on her. She is the product of breeding half brother to half sister, both of them NN and out of Miss Bunny Tardee by Tardee Impressive.

June 21, 2015

Do you think big butts are an inherited trait? This is Fred (Classically) as a weanling and Wilma, his daughter at about the same age. Now, if I could only find a rear shot of Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) , Wilma's mother at the same age, it would complete the picture.

Wilma is having fun on Father's Day.

June 18, 2015

Like mother, like daughter----Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool), Fred (Classically) and "Wilma", Rebecca and Fred's (Classically) filly. All three are NN.

June 17, 2015

Fred (Classically) found a piece of wood to play with since there wasn't any balls or ropes in his pasture. The doggone horse loves to have something in his mouth.

June 2, 2015

Tried to take some pictures of Fred (Classically) yesterday. He doesn't need a lip chain but sure likes to have something in his mouth. Note that he is holding the end of the lead rope while Joe sets his feet.

May 23, 2015

Fred is sure a pretty golden color this year!


May 18, 2015

Guess you can tell that is is one of Fred's babies.  She is already following in her daddy's footsteps and practicing for football~!  Dam is Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool).  She is also NN!


April 26, 2015

Fred enjoying the nice sunny weather! 

April 7, 2015

Fred  is pretty depressed about the Wisconsin Badgers losing to Duke last night. That and the weather in Wisconsin just doesn't seem to want to get warm. It could snow tonight. Perhaps Fred should have taken up basketball instead of football. The Badgers probably could have used him.

January 30, 2015

December 18, 2014

Lesley Johnson is so talented. We have become great friends since she bought Marsha (A Cool Intention) Marsha is a coming 2 year old NN filly by My Intention out of Cooleah who is by Ima Cool Skip) I was amazed to receive these wonderful Christmas cards that Lesley made for me. I think they are absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations to Lesley and Ben Johnson from Canada on the purchase of A Cool Intention (My Intention x Cooleah) Not only did I find a great home for the filly, but I also found some wonderful new friends.


December 17, 2014

Vicki Livasy is not only my good friend, but she is also my web designer .  I cannot say enough about how much I love what she can do with  graphics.  For some reason, the idea of Fred playing for the Green Bay Packers came up and she started sending me various pictures using my photographs to depict Fred as a Packer player.   Everyone on Facebook has made great comments about her designs.  I think you will agree with me as to just how talented Vicki is.   We have fun posting them.  I  I will show you several of them and hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I have posting them.  I sure hope that I don't run out of pictures to send her.  I doubt if that will happen as much as I like to take pictures of Fred.


November 30, 2014

It was a beautiful day for pictures. The sun was shining and the snow was beautiful. I was able to capture Fred enjoying life in his pasture. I could spend hours just watching him but if you want to get action shots, you better do it as soon as he gets turned out because it won't be long and he will be pawing through the snow to find the grass. When it is nice, he is happy to be out but when it gets cold and blustery, he is ready to come in and he can get a bit agitated if he starts shivering.


November 10, 2014

I had comments on a photo that Katie Corbay from Australia posted on Facebook. Katie contacted me and told me the program she used to add interesting aspects to her pictures. She said that if I sent her one, she would show me on the picture. Well, this is the picture she sent me of Fred and it about blew my mind. It looks like it should be a Christmas card. It is amazing how many new friends I have met through Face Book and just how willing to help my Australian friends are.


November 9, 2014

Today was a monumental day is Wisconsin. The Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears rivalry was in full force. On the day of the game, all of the Wisconsin football fans do weird things. For instance, at one of the places we go, everyone brings a toy bear and we have a bonfire and burn them. Well, this year, fortunately the Packers annihilated the Bears. Vicki Livasy is so talented and she comes up with some awesome graphics depicting Fred as a Green Bay Packer player. I think you will appreciate her talent. We had a bit of fun this year as Mike and Mindy Clark who are big Bear fans came to Wisconsin for a Packer football game. The day of the game, I bet Mindy that if the Packers won, she or Mike would have to have a picture taken on her gorgeous buckskin performance halter mare, Cookie, wearing a Packer jersey and having a cheesehead on their. heads. If the Bears won, I would have my picture taken on Fred. Well, I am still waiting for the "picture."  After all, Mindy said "a bet is a bet" Larry and Anne Lemke have an app on their phone and Larry contributed to the fun of the bet. It is quite silly, but we sure had fun doing it. I am thankful that the Packers won as I don't know if I could handle the "heat" from Mindy Clark.



November 8
This is the beautiful ad that Chris Wilkerson of the Equine Chronicle designed for the November/December Chronicle.   I love it.  It is a completely natural picture of Fred and I was lucky enough to capture it when he had his ears up.  The problem is that he has a lot of hair in his ears.   I guess it isn't too professional.

November 7
I have never met Rosie and many times I get requests from people asking if they can use my pictures.  A lot of them are young people  from different countries and they want to use the pictures in their sim games.  I just assumed that Rosie was one of them.  Well, to my surprise one day I received an email with this beautiful picture in it.   I was amazed at the amount of expression that the artist captured.   Upon looking at Rosie's Face Book page, I realized what a great artist she is.  Her work is incredible.  She told me that she was sending me  the original and I offered to pay her for it.  Can you believe that she wouldn't even take  any money for shipping it to me from Australia.  I have found a new and wonderful friend in Rosie Hayson and If I ever get to Australia I plan to spend some time with her.  By the way, her place near Melbourne is incredibly beautiful.


November 5
I forgot to post what I think are three of the best pictures of Fred.  I haven't been posting profile shots because I thought I may use them on an ad.  Therefore, when I don't use them, they don't get seen.   I really like the one profile picture but because he doesn't have his head up, I was told not to use it.   I even thought about using the picture with Joe and Fred but was told that it is too "radical" for an ad.  

November 1, 2014

Our weather is finally nice so I decided that pictures were in order.   I thought I would try out the new "old" lens.  It took a very clear picture the last time I tried it so thought I would use it again.   However, Fred decided that he would play with his ball and because it is a fixed lens, I could not get the whole horse in the picture so missed a really good photo of him rearing.  Oh well, guess I will go back to the zoom lens as it is easier for me to use.

October 31

I had some visitors today from Australia.  Lyn Watt and her husband, Robert stopped to see Fred and the other horses.  Lyn and I had been friends on Face Book but had never met.  They spent two weeks at the Quarter Horse Congress and then went to Michigan with Christa and Rick Baldwin.  While in Michigan, they got to "experience" a college football game and what an experience it was.   Lyn told me that some of the tailgaters didn't even make it into the stadium to see the game.  Of course, it was a great rivalry game between Michigan and Michigan State.   Too bad they didn't get to go to a Green Bay Packer game but perhaps they saw enough of our football.   Since in Australia, they drive on the other side of the road, I told Lyn that I thought her idea of taking the ferry across Lake Michigan was a good one.   After all, it is hard enough driving through Chicago for us, let alone someone from Australia.   They got here around 3 o'clock and we looked at all the horses.  Of course, Fred was his usual ham around ladies.   Lyn and I sat in the office and talked horses for hours.  I felt sorry for poor Rob as he had to listen to us.  He was such a good sport though.   At one time, I asked him if he was okay and he said it just felt good to be warm.  Wait until they get back to Australia and they will wish it was cooler there.   I felt bad that we didn't get to go out to eat.  The elections are next Tuesday and as you know, Mike is retiring from being Senate President so we have been wrapped up in political stuff.   They did promise to come back and I told them that "Australians don't lie"   I think I have found some wonderful new friends.  

October 15, 2014

Fred had visitors today. Debbie Schmitz and her husband Kurt stopped to see Fred. Of course, they picked a terrible weather day so we were only able to look at the horses in the barn (meaning only Fred and Sterling).  Debbie bred her paint mare, Lily of the Valley to Fred and she is so excited about her upcoming foal.  Of course, as usual, Fred was a ham and wanted to love on Debbie. He really seems to like girls. Debbie brought 2 jars of her famous dill pickles. They are called "Debbies Dillys," and we think they are the best dill pickles we have ever eaten. She sells them and has customers all over the US.  It is a other countries don't find out about them or there would be none left for us.



October 11, 2014

Since the Green Bay Packers beat or should I say demolished the Minnesota Vikings,   I guess Fred being the Packer fan he is, decided that he would lay in his manure and turn green.   Of course, he must be a Packer fan all year as he is such a pig in his stall.   I told Joe that we needed to put a green halter on him for  the Packer game tomorrow.   I think perhaps the green halter may look better than the red one that I usually have on him.   Of course, I discovered that after I bought 5 new red halters.






October 2, 2014
We had visitors today.  Mike and Mindy Clark from Illinois were in Wisconsin.  Mike had a meeting in Stevens Point at Sentry Insurance Company and later that day, the company was bussing those at the meeting to the  Green Bay Packer---Minnesota Viking game.  Well, Mindy decided that she was going to rent a car and come and visit.  Our good friends, Larry and Anne Lemke from Denmark (Wisconsin) met here and we had a great time looking at  the horses and had lunch together before Mindy had to return to Stevens Point and Larry and Anne to Denmark.   While here, Mindy took a picture of Fred and I took pictures of the group.   Mike and I also planned to go to the game despite the cold, rainy, windy weather.   Well let me tell you a bit about our experience.   We were lucky enough to get a  parking pass so that we didn't have to walk from blocks away.  You would be amazed at how the fans dress and all the different "outfits" they wear to Packer games.   I thought that I was the smartest person at the game because it was raining and  we had to wait in line to get into the stadium.   Smart me,  I had an umbrella.  Well, guess what------no umbrellas are allowed in the stadium so they threw my umbrella in the garbage can before they would let me in.   They we had to wait in line to ride the elevator up to the box seats.  We had a good time but the Packers dominated the Vikings and since it was a night game, we left at half time.   I never did get to see Mike and Mindy as they were in a different box.   We had been teasing Mindy about going to the game as she is a Chicago Bear fan.   That didn't stop our loyal Packer people as Sentry Insurance gave all of the people at the meeting Packer jerseys and I even got a picture of Mike with a cheese head on.   I am thinking that since the Bears are not playing well  this year, there may be hope for the Clarks yet.   I suggest they don't throw away their jerseys or cheesehead.   Maybe I will see Mindy wearing  a jersey and cheesehead  at the AQHA World in November.



September 27, 2014
Terry Johnson, a good friend of ours gets hay from us.  Joe just happened to be taking Fred outside so I asked Terry if I could take her picture with him.  I have to admit that Terry is not a tall person, but Fred sure did tower over her.   As usual, Fred loves the girls and  had to stick his head over by her.


September 18, 2014

The day after girls from Illinois came to visit, Chad Slayton called and said he wanted t o come and see Fred also. the   For those of you who don't know Chad, he has an outstanding Appaloosa stallion named In Awe.  He is a World Champion and I had never met Chad before. Needless to say, Fred needed another bath before Chad arrived. I don't know why he is the only horse I own who is not neat in his stall. I guess he knows I will keep giving him baths and he must like that. I was so happy and surprised at what Chad posted on Face Book:
"What a day --- I got to meet Sandy Ellis and Classically (Fred). The only think I could say was WOW.  If I was going to breed to a quarter horse, he would be the one.  After seeing Kids Classic Style, I thought that I would not see one like that ever. Well, today I did---a son of
his---Fred and NN besides. If I had an In Awe daughter old enough to breed, that's who I would breed her to. We will be doing lots of business in 2015, Sandy. Your breeding program is 10 times better than anything I have seen coming from the southern states."


September 17, 2014

I had a wonderful visit with 3 girls from Illinois today.  They made the long trip just to see Fred and my horses.   What a wonderful visit we had and the weather could not have been more perfect.   I let them take pictures of Fred  with their phone.   What they posted on my Face Book page really made me feel good.  

Sandi Lamroux:  "What a fun day!  Sharon Pierce, Susan Platt Heinke and I took a road trip to go meet Sandy Ellis and "Fred."   Thank you Sandy for the warm hospitality, the tour of your beautiful place and the fun conversation.   Fred aka "Classically" is just spectacular.   Seeing him in person was so worth the drive."


September 7, 2014

Fred is growing his winter hair which is a much lighter color and he gets dapples in the winter.   I would like to keep him under lights with good  hair but I know that it is necessary to let them grown hair so that he can go under lights for breeding season.   Personally, I prefer his dark gold color.


September 6, 2014

A few pictures of Fred enjoying some outside time.   They were taken on different days so he has two different colored halters on.  I like the red on him and Joe prefers the black one.





August 23, 2014

I sold A Cool Intention (Marsha) to some wonderful people from Canada, Lesley and Ben Johnson.   Of course when they came to pick her up, they had to have their picture taken with Fred.   Here is there early morning picture------I don't think any of the three were  that much awake yet.


August 14, 2014

I was home alone and decided that  since it is supposed to rain all next week, I would take some pictures and you know who my favorite subject is---Fred.    I couldn't get him to run around at all, he just wanted to eat grass.   As I was watching him, I noticed that birds would come right up to him and eat next to his nose.  He really didn't seem to mind at all.   It amazes me what goes on in nature.   Also an observation that winter is not far away.   Fred is losing his gorgeous gold color and getting his winter hair and dapples.  We really didn't have much of a summer this year and I don't think I am ready for the cold weather.  The only thing is that next year, I will have some "little Fred babies" to play with.  That excites me.




August 11, 2014

As you know, when Fred was in Mississippi, he was ridden by both Monte and his daughter Tyler.  They took him on trail rides and also to ropings.   They didn't ever rope off of him-----I can imagine that Fred would chase a calf but would probably try to pick it up as he loves to put things in his mouth.   Well, Joe has started riding Fred.   I think it is really good for a stallion's mind to be ridden.   Of course, Fred is very lazy and does not think riding should be at a very fast pace.    Look for more pictures of Fred under saddle and who knows, if I can get a high enough stool, maybe I will even get on him.




July 7, 2014

You know how Fred loves playing with a rope (or anything else).   Joe decided that he would give him the rope and they would have a "tug of war" with it.  Well, you would have thought that Fred being the bigger one would have won but Fred decided that it was more fun to eat grass than play with someone pulling on a rope so he let go of it.







July 8, 2014

We have been talking about riding Fred for quite some time.  Now that breeding season is over, Joe has started working him with the saddle on and soon he will be riding him.  When Fred was in Mississippi, Monte and his daughter Tyler rode him a lot.  They took him to ropings and trail rode him.  He is so lazy that he doesn't seem to want to exercise on his own.   Soon you will see pictures of Joe on his back and heck, perhaps I will even get a ladder and get on him.  In the meantime, I sat on him in the stall and then I got a picture from Tyler Beasley from when he was in Mississippi with her sitting on him.   



July 4, 2014

What a way to spend the 4th of July.  Mike and I spent the day working around the farm.  He cut grass and I took pictures.  It was relaxing and our weather was beautiful.   I probably have more pictures of Fred but I will post these.


June,   2014


Well, leave it to me to procrastinate and not keep up with my Fred (Classically) news.   Now I am having trouble remembering  where I kept the pictures.  I will try to post them all under June and then I will try to keep up from now on.    It seems so much easier for me to put them on Face Book and not bother Vicki to post them to my web site.  If  any of you want to be my friend on Face Book, just ask me and if I don't accept you, write me a note.   I understand that there is a limit as to how many friends you can have and I don't want to reach that limit and then not be able to accept any more.   We had some beautiful days in June so I "forced" Joe to hold Fred while I took pictures of him.  He lost his winter hair and shed out to be a beautiful gold color.  He had not gotten his "summer dapples" yet and was not bleached from the sun.    You can see how big he has gotten on the picture of Joe setting  him up.  Joe stands 6 foot tall and Fred is almost 16.2 and as Joe says, he is getting fat from not exercising and just breeding every other day.  The trouble with him is that he is a very lazy horse and when he is outside during the day, all he does is eat grass.



May 24, 2014
It is a beautiful day and I am home alone.  I decided to take my trusty camera out and take some pictures of "guess who"--- Fred
(Classically).  He is getting fat from no exercise other than breeding.    He is only getting 3 pounds of oats a day and his vitamins but I think he eats hay all day.   I suppose I shouldn't have him outside in the sun as his beautiful golden color will fade but he has been confined for so long because of the cold, rainy weather we had, I just can't help but leave him outside all day.







May 11, 2014
Happy Mother's Day from Fred to all of his girlfriends.   Joe and I  found this halter with red roses on it and put it on him for some pictures.  Fred was probably embarrassed having to wear the "girlie" halter.   Our weather was finally nice enough to go outside and take some pictures.   It has been a long long spring, too cold and rainy to put the horses outside.



An absolutely beautiful day in Wisconsin.   It is almost 60 degrees and no wind and the sun is shining.  Fred is still quarantined to his paddock because he would dig up Mike's grass in the pasture.  He had a great day playing with his ball.   We watched the Wisconsin Badgers lose to Kentucky last night in the Final Four of the basketball tournament.  I am thinking that Fred may have been better at basketball than he is at football.  Too bad I didn't think of that sooner.   We lost the game by one point when we missed the final shot.  







I just noticed that I have not updated Fred's news for quite some time.  I guess it was because of our sub zero weather and I could not get the horses outside.   March 30  was finally a nice day but Joe had to leave as he had training horses coming in to his barn.   I asked him to give me 10 minutes and lo and behold I was able to get a good profile picture of Fred before he left.   I think breeding has been good for Fred.  His neck looks better than ever and his hip is getting bigger.   I thought stallions were supposed to lose weight when they bred, but not Fred.  In fact, I think he is getting too fat.  This will probably be the last picture with snow in the background----anyway I hope so.   The other pictures I took with him in a small paddock.  Mike does not want the horses to tear up the grass in the big pens and with the temperature above freezing, it probably would.   Look out, with the weather getting warmer, I will be taking a of pictures.   Hopefully I will be able to get outside pictures of the foals.   They have never seen the sun because of the freezing weather and then the ice.






Such a beautiful afternoon and Fred got to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather---that is if you call 40 degrees warm.    We are expecting bad weather for a week and it could return to sub- zero temperatures next week with rain, wind and snow Thursday.   Will spring ever arrive? 






We had a great collection today.   This picture was taken with a phone and the quality is not that good but it shows how correct Fred is and the amount of muscle he has.  This is the kind of picture I try to get with my good camera but somehow just can't find the right place to stand to take it.   Excuse the background and the fuzzy picture but I do love this shot.



We had a great collection today.   This picture was taken with a phone and the quality is not that good but it shows how correct Fred is and the amount of muscle he has.  This is the kind of picture I try to get with my good camera but somehow just can't find the right place to stand to take it.   Excuse the background and the fuzzy picture but I do love this shot.


It seemed like a heat wave in Wisconsin today.  The sun was shining and the temperature was a balmy 15 above zero.    Someone  mentioned putting a pink halter on Fred so before we turned him outside to play, we put a pink halter on him.   He didn't seem to know the difference and he had so much fun playing with his ball.  When the weather has been so cold, we have been turning him lose in the arena and there is a cloud of dust out there as he plays with a rope.  Fred is just "one of those horses" who seems to have to have something in his mouth at all times.









Today was the first day that we shipped semen and everything went great.  Fred was a real "gentleman" and the semen looked and extended good.   Thanks to my wonderful "crew" for a job well done.   Fred enjoyed the rest of the day playing outside in the snow.




I took a picture of Fred's legs today.  I was told that the reason we haven't shown him was that he doesn't have good legs.  They can pick on him in other places, but to question his legs took me by surprise.  This horse has always had great legs and he is and always has been  solid on them.   The reason he has not been shown is that I never wanted to show him.   He has never had a steroid in his life-----he is what you see naturally.   Fred is the result of many years of selective breeding and I believe that he will prove to be a great sire.  I guess time will tell that.



Fred likes to take a nap after his breakfast so I decided to take a picture of him.  Unbeknown to me, Joe was taking a picture of me with his phone.  Poor Fred----he is depressed that the Packers lost last week.   He is trying to decide whether to back the 49ners or the Seahawks.  Both quarterbacks have ties to Wisconsin.   Russell Wilson was our Wisconsin Badger's quarterback and Colin Kaepernick is from my hometown of New London, Wisconsin.   I will let you know his and my decision before the game.




It has been brought to my attention that AQHA  is requiring that all stallions who list 25 or more mares on their breeding report in 2014 must have their 5 panel genetic test on file with AQHA before the 2015 breeding season.   Any stallion owner who does not comply, the  foals by that stallion will not be eligible for registration.   I am happy that Classically (Fred) is negative on all 5 genetic tests.   




During the cold weather, Scott Francois decided to take a trip down and see Fred.  As you can see by the picture, he knows how to dress for the cold.   It is even colder in Marinette, Wisconsin than it is here.    Bob snapped this quick picture of him and Fred.  It is too bad the picture is blurry as I think it is a good picture of both of them.



We had the coldest weather in years in Wisconsin.  Some of our horses live outside with shelters during the winter with heated Nelson waters in them.   However, during last week, Dr Fox recommended that we keep all the horses in the barn as wind chills could reach 55 below zero.   Of course, the horses did not realize that it was that cold outside and wanted to go out.   Finally, with only a wind chill of 9 below, I put the horses, including Fred outside for a few hours.  I about froze my hands taking these pictures of him.  Thankfully the weather has "warmed" up to above zero and to be honest, it feels warm by comparison.  


Fantasy Football by Vicki Livasy.  Bitter cold today in Green Bay. Wind chills will be -24 during the game and then -55 during the night.  Fred (Classically) is ready for the challenge as he has been outside practicing all week.  He is shown here knocking down players while he carries the ball for our first touchdown. He is hoping the Packers can hold up and he doesn't have to kick field goals too.


While I was at the AQHA World Show, Jerry Vawter told me that he had drawn another picture of what he feels we should be striving for in our modern day quarter horses.  He surprised me with the drawing and such a nice note to me.   Most of us respect Jerry as a great horseman-------after all he had Kid Clu and  many of the other great stallions of our industry.  I found a picture that I had taken of Fred and compared it to Jerry's drawing.   It is amazing just how much Fred looks like "Jerry's target."  


As I reflect back on 2013, I have some wonderful memories. I have a wonderful husband and family and friends that I have known for many years with whom I have shared many great times. I have also "met" so many new friends through Face Book and I am truly thankful for you and all the enjoyment you add to my life.

2014 is going to be very exciting for me. Never did I think I would stand another stallion. After breeding over 100 mares a year to Impressivist in the 80's, I thought I would enjoy myself and do what I love, which is raise foals. Then Fred (Classically) came along. He was the last foal out of my favorite mare of all time, Miss Bunny Tardee and sired by Kids Classic Style. Some people question why Classically has never been shown. The answer is that I never wanted to show him. He and Rebecca (You Bet Im Cool) are the last connection that I have to Miss Bunny Tardee. People also question, why I have not bred him until now. The answer to that is that I didn't want to stand another stallion. Last year, I decided that if I were going to carry on the genetics of Miss Bunny Tardee, I needed to stand Classically. I thought long and hard about standing him in Texas and I also checked out a wonderful place in Wisconsin. Both places would have given him the care and the expertise needed to satisfy me. Then, I thought------this is the horse that I have bred a lifetime to get and did I really want him to be gone from me? The answer was no -----so the alternative was to stand him here this year and enjoy him. He is enrolled in the AQHA Incentive Fund, the APHA Breeders Trust, the Palomino Incentive Fund, the Breeders Halter Futurity, the Big Money Futurity and the WCHA Futurity. Scott Francois and I feel that these incentives will give those of you who choose to breed to him, the opportunity to enjoy and profit from foals sired by him. And, I will be "living my dream" of seeing what my many years of breeding has accomplished.




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